I got contacted by Christopher Reitz, a Wolfgang Porsche relative and former Head of Design at Fiat and Alfa Romeo, to join him on his newest project, a zero emission car company called Riversimple. I was responsible as the director for user experience and user interface during the period of 10 months. Together with two

junior designers and one developer we not only created concepts around Riversimple’s unique business model, but in the end of the job finished a tailor made user interface with icons and animations ready to be programmed. The project is still in development phase, so I can’t show any outcome yet.


The project received a lot of attention of the top international press like BBC News, Forbes or the Financial Times, all of them covering the unique business model


as well as the hydgrogen fuel cell that powers the car and, of course, the design.
A lot of the news is to be expected in 2018, when the official test phase starts.